The Real Hipstamatic

You may or may not be aware that there is an iPhone App called "Hipstamatic". It adds the ability to apply "vintage-style filters". Many of those filters are designed to replicate cross processing, which is achieved by developing film through the opposite chemicals from normal (e.g. negative film through a positive process). A while back, I was given a few rolls of expired slide film by a friend, and I was told that I must get it cross processed when I had it developed. Well, this first roll was some slide film that expired way back in 1998, when digital cameras were still a thing of the future. I had no idea how it would look in the end, so I was just experimenting with things. Other than straightening some of these photos, they are straight from the lab-scans of the film. I seem to tilt my camera a lot, I think one leg is shorter than the other. ;)