Ninjaspy Non-Release Party

Ninjaspy's first stop on their cross-Canada tour to promote their new album No Kata was in Victoria, BC. Unfortunately, due to some logistical issues, they didn't have the album available yet. That didn't mean that they didn't still kick some ass. It was also Synapse's EP release. They did have their new EP available and definitely rocked the place as well. They had me long before they covered Thrice's Image of the Invisible, but it certainly didn't hurt. The Perfect Trend, On Call Heroes and The Kick Off also played. The Stoned Optic kicked off the evening, but I unfortunately missed them due to a schedule conflict. This all took place at the Royal Canadian Legion as it was an all-ages show. Cool side note about Ninjaspy, the band members consist of three brothers whom share the same last name as I do. I think they might be the best band ever ;). Because there were so many bands playing this show, this post is a little long.