Rock of the Woods

Welcome to Rock of the Woods, 2011. The first ever of this future-annual festival took place on the lawn of the old managers house in Bamberton, BC on Vancouver Island, about 30 min north of Victoria. I wasn't able to make it for the first night of the festival, but I was there for the entire second day. The line up was killer and consisted of Adam Barter, Carmanah, Sunhawk, BoneHoof, Kai Brown, Sun Wizard, Bloody Wilma, Humans, Natron, Mohawk Lodge, and Plants and Animals. Sun Wizard and Bloody Wilma stole the show for me personally. I even bought my first vinyl record that day, Sun Wizard's Positively 4th Avenue. I haven't spun it yet as I lack a turntable, but the MP3 download that came with it has been on constant rotation. All in all, it was a fantastic day and can't wait for next year, where I hopefully can go camp for the entire weekend.