CMCT Presents: FallBrigade, Noah Edwards Band, and Colin McTaggart

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In a rare acoustic sighting, Colin McTaggart (CMCT himself) started the show off at Lucky Bar with a great set. I met Colin while shooting at CMCT Studios at Rifflandia this year, and he is a fantastic guy. His acoustic set was a perfect way to get the show going. Following him up was the FallBrigade. I was very impressed with the fullness of their sound, it was like being surrounded by a warm hug. The Peak Performance Project Top 20 artists just released their new EP Greater North, which I would strongly recommend picking up, and definitely head out to see them as soon as you can.

Closing out the early evening show was the Noah Edwards Band. Noah Edwards has been a very busy man this year. Not only did he just release an EP as well, but he is also the front man of two other bands, SYN{A}PSE and Icosian. Even though he's been busy, it didn't effect the performance, as it was a great finale to end the night.