A Morning Bike Ride Around Victoria, BC

This morning I woke up with a little more vigour then normal, so I decided a scenic bike ride was in order. I didn't really have any particular destination, so I loaded up my camera gear and just pointed my bike towards the water (not hard to do here in Victoria). I ended up riding by Craigdarroch Castle, which, even though I knew existed, I had surprisingly never seen. Even though I am quite out of shape, I found riding a bike much better for exploring then a car. A car can be cumbersome to park in some spots in Victoria. Being able to quickly stop and snap a photo was very handy. I will definitely be heading out to do this again sometime soon.


Victoria Pride Parade

I finally had the opportunity on Sunday to attend my first ever Pride Parade. Before it even started, I was so overwhelmed with emotion. It was amazing to see so many people from different walks of life there to support a parade dedicated to people being proud of who they are. I was with my friend Teresa and her little nephew Lyndon. We were right at the start of the parade route, so once it was done, we just piled in behind and followed it to MacDonald Park where the Pride Festival and Market was set up. I had so much fun throughout the festivities and am very PROUD to live in a city like Victoria with so much acceptance and appreciation for the LGBT community.












The Real Hipstamatic

You may or may not be aware that there is an iPhone App called "Hipstamatic". It adds the ability to apply "vintage-style filters". Many of those filters are designed to replicate cross processing, which is achieved by developing film through the opposite chemicals from normal (e.g. negative film through a positive process). A while back, I was given a few rolls of expired slide film by a friend, and I was told that I must get it cross processed when I had it developed. Well, this first roll was some slide film that expired way back in 1998, when digital cameras were still a thing of the future. I had no idea how it would look in the end, so I was just experimenting with things. Other than straightening some of these photos, they are straight from the lab-scans of the film. I seem to tilt my camera a lot, I think one leg is shorter than the other. ;)