Forestry Reunion Show at Sugar in Victoria, BC

This was the last show Forestry ever played. I was at Sugar Nightclub here in Victoria to capture it. The Wicks and WoolWorm opened up. Forestry did an amazing job finishing off the awesome run they've had. Instead of an encore, they destroyed the stage for their last song (much better option in my opinion). WoolWorm was the big surprise for me. I really liked their music, and their live show was really fun to watch. If you ever get a chance to see this Vancouver band play, do it. You won't be dissapointed.  

First up was The Wicks.





Next up was WoolWorm.







And finally, Forestry.





Rock of the Woods Pre-Party at Lucky

So, once again I bring you photos from a concert at Lucky Bar here in Victoria, BC. This was a pre-party for the awesome Rock of the Woods Music Festival that will be taking place on August 26 and 27 in Bamberton, BC, here on Vancouver Island. It was a sold out show featuring Avairis, Carmanah, and Sunhawk. I wasn't able to stick around for very long after Sunhawk hit the stage, but I managed to snap a few shots before I had to leave. The few songs I did hear made me want to see these guys again. Avairis was up first.



Next up was Carmanah.






And last up, Sunhawk.


Brendan, Artist Extraordinaire

This is Brendan and he is awesome, I swear. I knew he was an amazing artist but he surprised me by showing up to the shoot with a very pretty guitar. He actually knew how to play as well! I was serenaded by riffs from artists like Tool, System of a Down, The Tragically Hip, and many others during this session. I strongly suggest watching Brendan's website for a new update, which I'm told is not far away.

A Castle and a Guitar: Ellisa Hartman at Hatley Castle

I was once again blessed with the opportunity to photograph the beautiful Ellisa Hartman. My good friend Adam Lee and his friend, also named Adam Lee, were filming a few music videos for Ellisa. I tagged along to snap a few promo and behind-the-scenes shots. With the amazing Hatley Castle here in Victoria providing the backdrop, it was a fun shoot in a beautiful location.

Now that you're done here, you must go check out Ellisa Hartman's new videos, Making War and To Know Me Better (working title).

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