Mike & Alison Married!

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You may have seen Mike and Alison back when I did their Engagement Shoot. Well, the day finally arrived for them to tie the knot. What an amazingly classy wedding. I was so happy to see these two friends get married.

PS. All of the flowers and decorations were hand-made by Mike, the groom, who is simply amazing with his origami talents. Simply stunning.

Cassie and Jason: Married in Vancouver

In December 2010 two of my good friends, Jason and Cassie were married in Vancouver BC. It was a small and intimate wedding- there were only 10 guests, with my girlfriend Clare as the Maid of Honor. After getting ready for the day at The St. Regis Hotel we headed to Granville Island for some pre-wedding portraits. The short but beautiful ceremony was held at the Bloedel Conservatory, which was all lit up with Christmas lights. After taking advantage of the beautiful fountain outside for some potraits after the ceremony, we headed to Gotham Steakhouse for dinner. The food was amazing and was followed by a Super Mario wedding cake that suited Jason and Cassie perfectly. One of the most memorable moments of the day happened just before the ceremony. Upon arriving at the Bloedel Conservatory,  Cassie accidently threw the marriage licence over a railing and if not for a well-placed tree, it would have landed in an indoor river. Everyone had a few giggles and decided that it was good to get the possible disaster done early!

This was an intimate and joyful wedding. I think the photos capture the energy of the day.

Congratulations Cassie and Jason. You guys are so much fun, and your wedding didn't disappoint!