Brendan, Artist Extraordinaire

This is Brendan and he is awesome, I swear. I knew he was an amazing artist but he surprised me by showing up to the shoot with a very pretty guitar. He actually knew how to play as well! I was serenaded by riffs from artists like Tool, System of a Down, The Tragically Hip, and many others during this session. I strongly suggest watching Brendan's website for a new update, which I'm told is not far away.

Emilee, The Salsa Dancer

So my friend Emilee is a dancer and has absolutely gorgeous red hair. The two combine for a very hot combo. While we were walking to the location, I asked her if she was ok walking that distance in her awesome heels, to which she just laughed. She informed me that once you can Salsa dance in heels, walking is a breeze. She proved this later on by climbing all over the rocks and up a large tree stump. I'm not sure about you, but I was impressed.

A Castle and a Guitar: Ellisa Hartman at Hatley Castle

I was once again blessed with the opportunity to photograph the beautiful Ellisa Hartman. My good friend Adam Lee and his friend, also named Adam Lee, were filming a few music videos for Ellisa. I tagged along to snap a few promo and behind-the-scenes shots. With the amazing Hatley Castle here in Victoria providing the backdrop, it was a fun shoot in a beautiful location.

Now that you're done here, you must go check out Ellisa Hartman's new videos, Making War and To Know Me Better (working title).

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Tim and Becky: Engaged in Victoria

Meet Tim and Becky. They are engaged, in love, and super cute together. They both ride bikes, drink coffee and enjoy the ocean. Tim indulges in writing and Becky makes awesome jewelry, which is available at rebeccasimone. This shoot has an extra twist- it is my first portrait session shot on film. Without getting too geeky (that will come in a later post), I shot this with two different film cameras, a Nikon FE and my Grandpa's old medium format Yashica-D. I used multiple types of film as well. Thanks to Tim and Becky for being such great test subjects. This was an awesome experience, and I am hoping for more chances to shoot with film in the future.